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About Us

Ripple Studios is on a mission to inspire all students to consider a career in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Through STEM learning games and other digital media, they seek to reinvent how the next generation of children is taught to approach their future in STEM.

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Meet the Founders

Picture of Mallory Maynard, Co-Founder of Ripple Studios, the creators of the STEM Learning Games.

Mallory Maynard

Picture of Sabrina Gomez Vila, Co-Founder of Ripple Studios

Sabrina Gomez Vila

Ripple Studios was co-founded by long-time friends Mallory Maynard and Sabrina Gomez Vila. Sabrina and Mallory met while attending Toronto Metropolitan University where they both volunteered on an engineering design team that builds formula-style racecars, Toronto Met Formula Racing. They have different backgrounds, have taken different career paths, and are both passionate about one specific topic; STEM is for everyone!

Their time on the racecar team gave them a glimpse into what the under-representation of women and BIPOC in STEM looks like and how much work needs to be done to improve diversity and inclusion in the field. That is one of the many reasons why Ripple Studios was born.

STEM Learning Games

Ripple Studios is on a mission to inspire ALL students to consider a career in STEM. We believe we can do that by achieving these 3 objectives:

  1. Our STEM learning games and other digital content must be fun. Learning through play is the best way to learn.
  2. Our content must be a valuable classroom resource. If we make tools that enhance teacher lesson plans, then we can inspire more young minds to consider STEM.
  3. Students need to see themselves in STEM careers. Showing positive AND diverse role models is how to inspire more young people to consider STEM. That is why our role models are diverse and why our users have almost full control over how their in-game avatar looks.

When Sabrina and Mallory aren’t doing Ripple-related things, they dedicate their time to mentoring others and volunteering in STEM outreach activities.

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